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Most would call us wedding photographers. A few might even refer to us as the quirky duo in love with the outdoors and unconventional living. We like to think of ourselves as life’s privileged witnesses seeking to capture it in fleeting smiles, brief glances and passing strokes… you will probably know us simply as Dana and George…

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 … best friends, restless travellers, husband and wife,  story and light seekers,  documenters of life in photos: that’s who we are. We’re never happier than in the midst of a forest or before the magic of two people uniting…

dana&george wedding photographer-land of white deer_2pinimage

… that moment when she holds your hand or when he sees you for the first time, when you look into each other’s eyes;  the purity of your togetherness in the now and here. That is our personal quest, the elusive white deer you would expect to catch a glimpse of on a random foggy morning in the woods.

The beauty of people and nature, the spirituality of such wonderful moments and the unique union of souls are what we live for; our own connection with each other’s hearts and the heart of nature is that which allows us to sense and capture such wonders in the making.

You just live in the moment; leave the memory chasing to us : )

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  • Irish Grzanich - Love it !!March 14, 2015 – 16:43ReplyCancel

  • Spree-Liebe Hochzeitsfotografie - Oh we totally love your wedding photos, they have a special soul, huge inspiration Daniela. Go for it and never stop to photograph to make all these couples happy out there. :)August 9, 2015 – 09:37ReplyCancel

    • Dana - Heeey!

      Thank you so much for your kind words, we try to do our best because we absolutely love what we do :DAugust 13, 2015 – 15:47ReplyCancel

  • John Robert Torres - Creative!. Best Wedding Photographer!January 31, 2016 – 08:31ReplyCancel

  • Chris Eberhardt - you are very inspiring to me as a photographer. wonderful, keep on going !February 25, 2016 – 09:14ReplyCancel

  • Zelly Polian - I am so glad that I found you yesterday, your pictures are amazing, inspiring, hearttouching.
    Well done guys, I am deeply impressed. Lots of love from Berlin! Sally <3June 15, 2016 – 21:51ReplyCancel

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